Think of Leading Change as a Road Trip

Road Map
Re-Frame Change
  • Recognize change as constant
  • Overcome resistance
  • Empower Change
Plan Change
  • Assess readiness
  • Map change
Implement Change
  • Create awareness
  • Cultivate acceptance
  • Facilitate adoption
Navigate Change
  • Actualize the future
  • Lead from the front
Prepare for Next Road Trip

KDi International is involved with change that matters at a global level. We work with emerging countries and dynamic economies while they strengthen their relationships with powerful countries who can pave the way to their success on the world stage.

Planning is essential so you know that you have arrived at the right destination for the right reasons. We advise you to be involved in this process because it can’t be business as usual. An integral aspect of our value is guidance and strategies for assessing readiness for impending change and then “mapping” the assessment in the same way you prepare for a challenging road trip.

We coach you in selecting a Change Support Network of middle managers, a unique and powerful channel of messengers between staff and the Change Implementation team.

Our Adaptive Path Framework, in what we refer to as the three A’s, is grounded in a process for making change “stick”. It begins with creating Awareness of the need for change, moves seamlessly to your people’s Acceptance of their role in their change and then to Adoption where the act on that commitment to learning new skills and work processes.

We leave you with key staff capable of coping with unexpected change and achieving success as you lead from the front. business meeting around computer

Begin now to acknowledge that change is constant and becoming more chaotic. Navigating with that in mind is the only way to thrive over the long term. We do this by working with you to weave our Change Facilitation model and Adaptive Path Framework into your core cultural and business values.