We provide organizational and executive coaching for leading change that becomes part of the way your organization thinks about and does business.

the americasOur global team does not solve your business problems. Only you can do that. Instead we offer a robust, practical process that is successful as your key stakeholders internalize and “own” it.

We don’t tell you how to play the game. We coach you to win in the present by modeling ways to ensure change resilience for you and your organization in the long term.

Because change doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we guide you in folding customized change strategies into a critical initiative as a rehearsal for when you find yourself leading unplanned change.

We believe in leveraging an organization’s strengths because change becomes possible when you use those strengths to build skills for facing chaotic change.

Then we help you ground your experience in understanding the how and who of people-centered change because your people’s acceptance of change can make or break a critical change initiative.

We believe innovative change happens when your people are engaged through a world they understand and value.That’s why our leadership is both bilingual and multicultural and why Rosa Mollo, our Lead Change Consultant is writing a Spanish edition of our highly praised book, Leading Change that Matters.

How We Stay Relevant, Innovative and Passionate About What We Do

Businessman making the time out symbol in front of his faceWe believe and use authentic dialogue so we are in a constant learning mode.

Our discussions on our blog reflect that commitment. Here is an exchange between two of our Senior Team about how we define change that matters.


Change is the one thing that is constant and there are all kinds — change in your personal life, your family, your work, your society, where it gets larger and more convoluted. Many are changes you take in naturally.

Then there is change happening that you know you need to take charge of and lead. You can’t leave it to chance, and you can’t let circumstances control change. These are the changes that matter. It matters to you, because the unplanned or ungoverned outcome is neither right nor desirable. Therefore you need to step up front and lead that change.

Consider today’s GPS for road navigation. Even as state of the art technology, the device can only give you directions and road conditions. But you still have a choice to steer the vehicle. You can choose to follow GPS or head your own way. At this point it will say — “recalculating”. That for me is leading change that matters. Perhaps because some change matters, and some doesn’t matter at all.


Eugene, great analogy for change that matters as the choice between using GPS or charting one’s own path. If we simply follow the basic formula for managing change, the GPS reminds us that we have “arrived at our destination”, but, guaranteed, it won’t be the one that offers change that matters.

As the driver, our brains are constantly re-calculating, then taking in information real time, which is probably the reason a lot of us talk back to our GPS. Raise your hand if that happens to you!

If we take that challenging road trip in stages, and if we have passengers who will be key players in high priority change that matters, we will arrive at our optimal destination with a team ready to begin the change process.